Target voyage statistics

Enter the target voyage stats, visible from the voyage list. The calculator will then try and find the most optimum configuration.

Calculated voyage statistics

Once all data is entered, click Calculate. Keep in mind that it may take up to a minute for the calculation to display. Once completed, the estimated voyage configuration will appear.

Keep in mind that there is one limitation: you must have at least 5 crew members for the calculation to proceed.

Understanding the results dialog

The results dialog will display the estimated chance of success (this may be higher in-game due to other bonuses and unknown variables), as well as the optimal configuration of the ship, crew, and captain.

Select these options in-game and send them off on a voyage (or not!).

You can run other calculations excluding the crew you just sent off by unchecking them in the crew and captain tab.

Bonus multipliers

These values are obtained from the shipwright. For example, the first upgrade offers a flat 2% bonus to each stat, so enter 2 in each box.

When performing the final calculation, the total morale, combat, and seafaring are increased the corresponding amount.

Ship upgrades tab

Select all upgrades that are unlocked for your ship.

Crew tab

For each crew member, correctly enter their type (e.g., Travelling drunk), their level, personal/trait bonuses, and if they are active (not on a voyage).

Personal bonuses are visible in the crew roster when hovering over a crew member's stat. Do not enter the total stats! Add together the personal and trait bonus and enter that instead.

Here is a helpful image that demonstrates how to read the personal and trait bonuses:

Helpful image!

The calculator automagically calculates the base stats for crew members, so you only have to update the level after all data is input.

Removing a dismissed or deceased crew member

In the event that a crew member died or was dismissed, simply check the last tick box. When saving, loading, sorting, or calculating, the crew member will not be considered. To remove his entry, simply click "Sort crew members."

Custom crew member

If the calculator does not yet have a particular crew member implemented, then select the "Custom" crew member type and enter total stats. Keep in mind that the stats will have to be updated each level up manually.

Captain tab

This one is easier to manage than the crew tab! Simply enter the total stats (including the base stat) of the captain and check if he or she is currently active (not on a voyage).

Saving data

When all data is input, click the "Save" button and copy the data, as requested. Save it in Notepad or similar somewhere you won't forget!

Loading data

Paste the data you saved from the previous step into the textbox then click "Load."

Calculating (0 calculation(s) performed)...

Click the field below and copy the data (be sure to keep it safe somewhere!):

Paste the data and then click Load:

Operations and information

Target voyage statistics




Bonus multipliers

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Calculated voyage statistics




Data input

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